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Unser Haus gehört zu den führenden Adressen im
deutschsprachigen Alpenraum.


We appreciate your interest in a career with us!

You act as an independent entrepreneur in our house; just accept our house rules and the applicable general terms and conditions. Your proof of identity – passport, work permit, doctor's statement – we receive the original for verification and make a copy for the duration of your presence in our house. The settlement with your customers is directly between you and your customers.

For an admission price of € 90,- we make the following available to you:

  • Separated women's area with your personal locker/box
  • dressing locker
  • shower
  • hand towels
  • food on a buffet basis
  • non-alcoholic beverages

For your time in Tyrol's most beautiful sauna club, we can help you in the search for accommodation/room/studio apartment/small apartment.

Let us know what you need.

Our house is one of the best addresses in the German-speaking Alps region. Accordingly, we expect our women to value a neat appearance, high-class demeanor and with the desire for perfection. A dedicated service commitment must accompany your stay with us.

Please email or post your detailed application with accurate images to our house.